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Study Questions for Final Handout

Aranrhod (Arianrhod)
daughter of Dôn, sister of Gilfaethwy and Gwydion, mother of Dylan Eil Ton and Lleu Llaw Gyffes. Branch 4
King of Annwfn; he exchanges places with Pwyll so that the latter may defeat his enemy Hafgan. Branch 1
Annwfn (Annwn)
the Welsh name for the Otherworld, corresponding roughly to thesídh(pronounced as inbanshee"woman of thesídh) of the Irish tradition, where the Túatha Dé Danann dwelt. In later Christian sources, Annwfn is used for "Hell."
wife of Lleu Law Gyffes, conjured out of flowers by Math and Gwydion. Branch 4.
a druid during the reign of King Conchobar of Ulster. Prophecied a day which was lucky for anyone taking up arms but whose life would be short but glorious, which Cú Chulainn chooses. Prophecied that Deirdre would be extremely beautiful but would cause ruin and slaughter among the Ulstermen.
son of Celyddnn Wledig, father of Culhwch.
Hospitaller to whom Macha appears and makes prosperous in “Ulaid Noinden”. When he boasts that she can run faster than the king's horses, she is forced to race while pregnant with twins.
Dinas Dinlleu
Dinas Dinlleu. Welsh. From "Math.." 4th Branch. Note the root Lleu as in the hero of our story. Din means "fort" in Welsh, however it's repeated. din as din lleu. Not only is Dinas Dinlleu the fort-like place where Gwydion raised Lleu Llaw Gyffes, but it must be a safe haven, a fortified fort where Lleu was kept safe.
in southwest Wales, land of Pwyll and Pryderi.
malevolent son of Euroswydd, half-brother of Bendigeidfran, Manawydan, and Branwen.
wife of Manandán who was offered to Cú Chulainn by Labraid in exchange for helping defeat his enemies.
son of Dôn, brother of Gwydion; he raped Goewin, the king's foot-holder.
Gronw Pebyr
Lord of Penllyn, who has an adulterous affair with Blodeuedd, and with her plots the death of Lleu Llaw Gyffes, her husband.
Grugyn Gwallt Ereint
son of Clud, Pwyll's rival suitor for the hand of Rhiannon; it was on him that the game of "Badger-in-the-Bag" was first played.
son of Branwen and Matholwch; he was thrown into the fire by Efnisien.
Gwri Gwallt Eurin (Golden-Hair)
the name given to Rhiannon's son by Teyrnon Twrf Liant and his wife; the name was later changed to Pryderi.
Lleu Llaw Gyffes
son of Aranrhod, protégé of Gwydion. His name means "Lleu (cognate with Irish Lugh) of the Skilled Hand."
son of Cil Coed, friend of Gwawl son of Clud; he avenged Gwawl's maltreatment in the game of "Badger-in-the-Bag" by enchanting the land of Dyfed. Later he released the enchantment and restored Rhiannon and Pryderi in exchange for his pregnant wife, who had been transformed into a mouse.
husband of Fand
son of Llˆyr, husband of Rhiannon after the death of Pwyll.
a king of Ireland; he wed Branwen daughter of Llˆyr.
benevolent son of Euroswydd, half-brother of bendigeidfran, Manawydan, and Branwen.
Pendaran Dyfed
fosterer of Pryderi son of Pwyll; it was he who decided that Gwri would be renamed Pryderi.
Prince of Dyfed, Head of Annwfn; he was the father of Pryderi and husband of Rhiannon. His principal temporal residence was at Arberth.
wife of Pwyll, mother of Pryderi, daughter of Hyfaidd Hen.
Teyrnon Twrf Liant
Lord of Gwent Is Coed; he and his wife raised Gwri Golden-hair (later named Pryderi).
Site of the chalk horse.
Chief-giant, father of Olwen.
Ysgithrwyn Penbeidd
Ysgithrwyn Chief-boar, the tusk of which was used to shave Ysbyddaden

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