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May 2006 Broadcast:
Steffan Cravos

This year's Steffan Cravos Orgy®, music of a Welsh-language Activist, airs on Monday, May 29th, from 12 midnight to 1 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (UT - 4) and provides 13 hours of musical coverage.

Steffan Cravos is a man of many hats. As Steffan he's editor of Brechdan Tywod, a Welsh-language zine and also chairman of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg, the Welsh-language Society; as DJ Lambchop he's a cut, scratch, and mix turntablish; as MC Sleifar he's a founding member of Tystian, a Welsh hip-hop band. In his spare time he runs the label Fitamin Un and an internet radio station called Radio Amgen.

Join us as we enter the world of Welsh and hip hop tough the works of Steffan Cravos, his bands, and his collaborations, and explore the intersection between politics and music.

Playlist for 29 May 2006 Broadcast

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